Welcome to Postpartum Matters CIC - a space for all those who have birthed a baby, whether that was two days ago or ten years ago. 


I want to use this small part of the internet to share our stories - all the wonky, wild, love and pain that comes hand in hand with the postpartum experience.

Because these times stay with us. They shape how we parent, how we interact with our partners, our friends, our family, the world around us. And so these stories are important and deserve to be shared.

Knowledge is power and I am here to share, educate and support all those who are postpartum or are soon to be postpartum. Because postpartum care is important. Your postbirth healing is not something to be shoved to the bottom of the 'to do' pile. Because your new human is not the only priority. You matter too. 

So please join me, in sharing your postpartum stories, your struggles, your concerns and your joyous moments too.

Lets shout to the world that we matter too.

Postpartum matters. 

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