The Postpartum period can be a very lonely period for many new Mamas. How much do we know about the postpartum period? Most of the time negative thoughts are attributed to this period. Many only see it as constant health checks, sleepless nights and loneliness.

It DEFINITELY should not be that way...

In many countries around the world, the 40 days postpartum period is a joyous, celebratory period. It is a period where Mama should be resting, recharging and celebrated by not only her family but also within her community. Having such a large community input with regards to rest and nourishment prevents postpartum depression, combats fears of any sort and gives new mothers and even established mothers a pillar to lean on. The traditional 40 days is a phenomenon within it's own right. As a Traditional Postpartum Doula, my aim is to use the traditions from my African heritage to provide Mama with the best postpartum possible.

What does a typical traditional 40 days postpartum look like in my culture? As soon as the baby has been born, the elder is right by her side and may be the one to cut the cord. Same with the UK unless it's a medicalised intervention. The nourishing begins as soon as Mama is comfortable whether she is still in the hospital or at home. She is given a warm drink which contains key ingredients such as the warming spices ginger, cloves and black pepper this helps to soothe the insides, stimulate blood flow and help with lactation. Mama is never left alone during her 40 days. She has a room which has been set up for the 40 days, this makes it easy for female visitors to enter and also for the elder to set up a space to share the room with Mama (the partner sleeps in another room). The elder helps her with night feeds, night wakes and any assistance she may need. The early stages of the 40 days the elder or person/people caring for mama all have an important role to play. Some will help with food preparation, one person will set up the postpartum bath for mama, and even for baby later on. Having this type of support means that mama's body is given the opportunity to recover in the best possible way. The community comes together to contribute in whichever way they can.

Key things that are needed for a successful traditional 40 days

Warm herbal baths! Herbs are from the earth they have unique properties which will help aid with postpartum healing. We usually use Neem.

Get your nourishment on! Warm foods only. I recommend soups or broths, they are easy to digest also serve as your water for the recommended hydration, drink lots of warm water.

Ask for help! Reach out to everybody you can. We all have different circumstances which may differ regarding support do not despair you know in your community, search Instagram or the internet to see if you can find a Postpartum Doula in your area. Doulas may offer payment plans you deserve to have an amazing postpartum.

Do not be hard on yourself! You are amazing.

Love Aisha Amira


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