I had the most wonderful day last week in celebration of International Women's Day. Led by Kate Taylor (@katetaylorcreativeliving), it was a day full of wellbeing sessions, all based around her Practical Magic cards and all in support of Women's Aid.

Throughout these sessions I started unpicking some of the negative and unhelpful feelings and beliefs we hold as women and I felt truly connected to such a beautiful community of women. The last session was ran by Caroline (@carolinethompsoncoach) and Emma (@emma_isabellaandus) and it was all around using the card to tell a story.

I found it a really powerful exercise and so wanted to share my story with you all.

I hope you enjoy it.


Once there was a sensory woman who changed the world with her mind + her power + her soul. She found herself hidden deep inside a cave.

Clawing her way out, she emerged -

To show the world where they needed to do better.

To support her.

To support those like her.

And to support those who had been buried even deeper than she.

Once there was a woman who was remembering how to trust herself.

Through blood + fire + tears + love

She was thrust out into the world.

Out from the soft, safe cave which she had been placed in at birth.

The cave that contained her

That which kept her small + quiet + still.

She emerged full of knowing + rage at her long captivity.

She emerged a mother, a woman

Sure of who she was + who she needed to become.

The road back to herself was long + bumpy.

Many tried to push her back

back down into her cave

They tried to stop her. Placing barrier after barrier in her way.

But she simply tore Them down. Climbed over Them.

She would not stop.

Would not be quiet.

Would not stay small.

The road back to herself was not always clear

And she got lost many, many times.

When you have been in the dark for so long,

As she had

You forget what the voice inside of you sounds like

That soft, knowing intuition which guides all Women

That soft, knowing intuition that They are afraid of

That soft voice becomes lost + muggy + quiet.

Learning to listen to her inner wisdom was a practice of patience

But she had patience in spades

From the decades of putting others needs ahead of her own.

She learnt to embody the feminine energy,

Which had been hidden for so long,

For which patience is Queen.

From this place she could achieve

Whatever she so chose to set her mind to.

One day, on that road back to herself, back to her sense of being,

She arrives at a clearing.

Soft + peaceful

But alive,

With the sounds of the birds,

The wind moving through long, uncut grass

The insects bustling from one plant to the next

Water flowing, fast.

Muddy + cut + bruised

From her many wrong turns,

She suddenly feels a deep sense of Calm.

She sits and,


After so long

Of second guessing,

Of losing hope,

Of taking other people's wisdom over her own.


She hears her voice,

Her deep inner knowing,

Telling her how to stand in Her Power.

She has returned to herself,



She remembers

How she is a Creative Being.

She is the source of life.

She remembers how she embodies the Whole Earth.

Mother Earth.

She looks ahead and sees all of the Others

All of the women who have been on a similar journey to she.

Free Women,

Who have broken from their own cages

Climbed out of their own, dark caves.

Women holding each other up,

Holding each other together,

In the most beautiful way.

WomanKind coming together,

The feminine energy rising within them,

To bring Peace,




To all of HumanKind.

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