I'm Zoe - mother of two, postnatal doula in training, part-time PhD student, avid baker, crafter and runner based in Durham, NE England. 


The birth of my second baby, and the subsequent months following, have changed my life. I am not the person I was before that experience, nor will I ever be that person again. I'm not sure I was prepared for this change. It is something no one really discusses. I think it is time we changed that.

I have set up this space to raise awareness of postpartum issues, to remove the shame often arrises during this time and to fight for better postpartum care. 

The current system treats us as if we do not matter. It is time to change this. 

I hope you find this space helpful, inspiring and comforting - take from it what you need and feel free to leave the rest.

Lots of love, 

Zoe x